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Dr. Neville Fernando To Sue Prof. Carlo Fonseka


Chairman of the Neville Fernando Hospital, Malabe, Dr. Neville Fernando, said that he will sue Chairman of the Sri Lanka Medical Council Prof. Carlo Fonseka demanding 500 million rupees compensation.

The compensation has been demanded by Dr. Neville Fernando over a statement made by Professor Fonseka to the media with regard to late Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera.

Addressing a media briefing today (17), Dr. Fernando said that Prof. Fonseka had made several false claims on Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera’s health.

Speaking further he said that the hospital was always sterile. A separate team of experts led by a Medical Specialist had always been monitoring the sterilization process of the hospital, he added.

Therefore he completely rejected the claims made by Dr.Carlo Fonseka that the Thera was contaminated with  bacteria while he was receiving treatments at his hospital.

Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera had been admitted to his hospital after the heart surgery performed at a private hospital on his invitation, Fernando said.

Only the medications recommended by his heart surgeon had been given to the Thera according to Dr. Neville Fernando.




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Funny, how persons like GR and all the other criminals go into hospital and come out alive, whereas this gentle Priest goes in but never comes out.

It is a known fact and will remain a fact that Dr. Neville Fernando on the instructions of the well known Murderer the self proclaimed King in Sri Lanka.... the Rajapakses.... took Venerable Sobitha Thero by force the this Hospital prior to the Presidential Election and did not permit visitors.... this too was with a view to get rid of him ...... but the plan failed.... However they were able to achieve their objective on this occassion. THERE IS A GOD ABOVE WHO KNOWS EVERY ACTION.

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