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Public awareness on 'Ranmanissa'

A public awareness programme on the 'Ranmanissa' fish species found in the Girankitta Oya, a feeder canal of the Kelani Ganga at Kithulagala was held at the canal bank by members of the Galle, Hiyare Wildlife Protection Society led by its vice president Nadika Hapuarachchi. This fish species was first found and identified in the Seethawa Ganga in 1989 by Rohan Pethiyagoda. Ever since, the Hiyare Wildlife Protection Society had failed to find the species again despite investigations conducted for the last eight years.

Ranmanissa has been named an endangered species in 2012. The public awareness programme included the setting up of the Ranmanissa Children's Club, presentation of equipment to the club's library, the display of name boards along the canal where the fish can be seen and the setting up of a Ranmanissa Elders' Society 

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