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Laugfs Lubricants opens tribology park in Nittambuwa

The Laugfs tribology park facility and the R&D centre.

Laugfs Lubricants Ltd recently opened Sri Lanka’s first tribology park at the BOI Export Processing Park in Malwatta, Nittambuwa, to serve customers with innovative lubrication solutions. The facility boasts a state-of-the-art research and development centre, providing innovative tribology solutions especially customised for Sri Lankan driving conditions.

“With the R&D work carried out by our teams of scientists and technologists at this modern facility, we’ll be able to introduce many innovative products and solutions to specifically cater to the local driving conditions,” Laugfs Lubricants Director and CEO, Dr. Gamini Amarasekera said.

“This localisation will be critical for enhanced efficiency and performance of vehicles, as factors such as fuel quality, ambient temperature, air quality, road and traffic conditions vary significantly based on geographic conditions,” he said. Most modern vehicles, machinery and equipment currently in the market are designed considering operating environments in larger and developed markets such as North America, China, Japan and Europe. However, operating environments in these countries are significantly different to tropical countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. As a result, the designed output and efficiency of these vehicles and machinery cannot be effectively achieved when operated in different environments. “The innovative Tribology solutions offer a combination of local expertise coupled with global technology; the best of both worlds. Unique lubricant formulations are created using cutting-edge research and innovation combined with the unmatched experience and insights LAUGFS has gained in the local lubricant industry,” explained Dr. Amarasekera.

Laugfs Lubricant’s Tribology Park is the first and only innovative centre in Sri Lanka to carry out research and development work in the local lubricant industry. The new products developed at the facility will benefit local customers and bring in multiple benefits to the country’s economy.


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