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Count your rainbows

Rainbows could be treated as symbols of divineness that blends reality in this mortal world with fantasy. Rainbows created by the mother nature thus bequeath a heavenly touch with this human world. There exists a mythical belief a rainbow that soothes our eyes with vivid colours may vanish in a jiffy if one points his finger at it.

Nalin Rajapakshe is a young film director who had made an effort to bring the enchantment of a rainbow to cinema screen. The movie presented as Ran Dedunnak aka The Rainbow is his debut film direction that stars Roshan Ranawana with alluring newcomer Ruchini Tanasha who has been a model.

Ran Dedunnak as a family treat has a mix of romance, loathing and humor that makes a perfect combination to provide entertainment to masses. It is rich with a gamut of songs, fights and romancing scenes. Ran Dedunnak may remind a moviegoer of the golden era of Sinhala cinema in which actors like Vijeya Kumaratunga and Tissa Wijesurendra marveled on screen as super stars.

Story revolves around a young man who comes to Colombo in search of life and encounters dashing lass in the city who happens to be a journalist. This stunning female journalist is caught in a drug haul that she has been trying to expose to the public via media. King Pin of the drug mafia is on the hunt for the female journalist. In the midst of this controversy she encounters her lover to be, the young macho man who comes to town out of the blues.

These two main characters of The Rainbow are played by Roshan and Tanasha.

Tanasha with her performances in the movie proves she has acting talents in abundance. Her facial expressions, hearty smile, slender figure, presentation style and charisma catch the viewers’ eyes.

Ran Dedunnak making emphasis on the villain makes a difference as a contemporary movie. It is a film that projects villain above the hero. Wasantha Kumaravila portrays the villain’s role so well that he many a time surpasses the hero’s performances. This scenario reminds us of the 70s decade cinema of the country. In this era an actor called Alexander Fernando who entered cinema to play villain soon became hero in many films due to his striking looks and super performing abilities.

Likewise if given a break Wasantha Kumaravila may prove he has power to project a credible hero on screen. Thus it is high time film directors used him in main characters.

As regards the movie there are many shortfalls in direction, continuity and editing. Editing would have been tighter to bring life to the whole movie. However songs and fight scenes are staged and captured well. Fight director happens to be Wasantha Kumarawila himself. Music enriches the theme of the movie.

Local commercial cinema currently seems to be embracing a South Indian touch and Ran Dedunnak too has become a victim of this scenario. In the 60s and 70s decades a handful of local cinema personnel fought against an Indian invasion to our cinema to bring it a very local and unique touch. Dr Lester James Peiris, Dr Gamini Fonseka, Dr Dharmasena Pathiraja could be identified as forerunners of this valiant effort.

MGR or Sivaji Ganeshan could not act exposing their upper bare bodies like Gamini Fonseka. A masculine Gamini Fonseka clad in sarong was very different to a South Indian actor in a sarong. That is the reason people who flocked cinema halls whistled when Gamini Fonseka made his presence on screen either as a taxi driver or as a posh business tycoon. This uniqueness brought local commercial cinema to helm in that era. Ran Dedunnak lacks such attributes. Roshan Ranawana looks an innocent lover more than a hero.

All in all Ran Dedunnak could be identified as movie that has power to entertain masses. Creating a discussion in social media may attract youngsters towards the movie. Ran Dedunnak aka The Rainbow is produced by Moonlight Films.


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