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Biker Gang ‘AAVA’ claim responsibility for attack on policemen


A biker gang calling themselves ‘AAVA Gangsters’ has claimed responsibility for the attack on two policemen in Chunnakam on Monday (24).

The policemen were admitted to the Jaffna Hospital – one with injuries to the head, and the other with injuries to the hand.

The two policemen had been attacked with swords in broad daylight on the Kankasanthurai Road.

In a leaflet distributed widely today, the group said the attack on the policemen had been in retaliation to the deaths of two university students on Monday (21).

They had also said the attack should serve as a warning to ‘traitorous’ policemen who were destroying the culture and values of the North.

The group said the policemen were violent towards women and warned of more attack in the future as punishment.

The group also claimed they had had taken to swords to prevent the occurrence of robberies, violence towards women and other social ills.


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