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Trillium unveils Trillium Tower, new head office complex


Trillium Property Management and Services unveiled of its modern head office complex, Trillium Tower at Somadevi Place, Colombo 5. The six floors embracing an architecturally avant garde design, with its 50,000 square feet, houses not only the continually expanding Trillium team, but also a ‘show apartment’ to enable customers visualize the true concept of Trillium luxury and a highly advanced technologically enabled telecommunication platform.

Trillium Tower showcases the company's impressive USPs; the ability to ensure remarkable rates of return by having the knack to hone in properties with potential, having uncompromising quality standards from the A to Z in construction and in possessing an eye for imbuing emerging trends and paradigms in architecture, design and concept.

TP M&S Chairman Janaka Ratnayake said the Trillium Headquarters, located close to Baseline Road, is a complex that was becoming an imperative for Trillium's expanding presence in the real estate development landscape of Sri Lanka. “We strongly believe that in this environment of fast paced change in Sri Lanka, especially when the country is seeking FDIs and strong investment opportunities, well developed real estate is a great barometer to induce such investment into the country. Trillium's stature in real estate is now well proven given that Trillium Property Management & Services has been valued by PriceWaterhouseCoopers to be worth approximately Rs 1.7 bn.” He added that this has spurred the company to look at raising capital via an IPO of about Rs 1 bn, which will be channeled towards new projects that will undoubtedly emerge in this burgeoning landscape.

“For us, we want to build a signature brand in real estate development,” said Ratnayake, reiterating that the Trillium brand itself is synonymous with luxury, quality and high rate of return, creating value through the development of luxury apartments and villas. “This emphasis has seen the capital value of the villas and apartments under the Trillium banner, heralding an appreciation of approximately 20% even during construction. The three completed projects have already yielded an ROI of 25%.”

He cites Trillium Residencies in Colombo 8 as a good example. “It is the largest luxury condominium complex which has been completed thus far. Our team, spearheaded by one of the most diverse and experienced Boards, remains probably the best trained in the business with unrelenting focus on quality and workmanship. Each project has a team of leading structural and architectural consultants who ensure uncompromising focus on international standards in every process.” In addition, TPM&S's attractive ROI scheme rewards prompt advance payments made by customers with a discount on the total payment. With the ten terraced semi-detached villas at Trillium Villas in Melder Place already completed ahead of its timeline with a capital appreciation of over 20% at the time of handing over, the Group is currently in the process of completing four other projects.

Trillium Colombo 7 to be completed by end 2016, which collates 20 luxury apartments at Torrington Avenue Colombo 7 and assures a capital appreciation of over 35% for its early buyers and the adjacent Trillium Express which signals a new business model for the Trillium Group, designed to complement Trillium Colombo 7 with its 33 room three star city hotel promising five star luxuries, billed for completion in the summer of 2017.

Trillium's diversification strategy is being augmented with Trillium Kahathuduwa, its entry into the leisure and hospitality industry. Designed as an eco-luxury agro resort with its fifty luxury chalets on a ten acre property, it's inspired by the water bungalows of the Maldives and the rice field villas in Bali.

The two acres just acquired in close proximity to the Maharagama town will be the site for Trillium Maharagama, another leisure property with thirty rooms based in five star luxury. The 50 perch Trillium Havelock in the heart of Havelock Town will house a 12 storey apartment complex encompassing 36 luxury apartment, scheduled for completion in early 2018.

“We will continue to grow our business model on the core fundamentals of ensuring a solid ROI for our investors, uncompromising in our quality focus, be a trailblazer in trends and paradigms and create opportunities for investment as we build the industry to be a strong force in the country's economic development,”Ratnayake said.

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