Drunk SLTB employee arrested after his car knocked down two students

A SLTB employee, driving a car at high speed under the influence of liquor had knocked down two schoolboys riding bicycles and brushed his car against a shop at the 3rd Km post on the Anuradhapura- Mahawilachchiya road on February 10 nightwas arrested by the people in the area while trying to escape. The suspect was handed over to the Anuradhapura police. The two students are receiving treatment for their injuries at the Elayapattuwa hospital.

The students had been returning home after attending rehearsals for a show to be staged at the school when the mishap occurred.

Police said a breathalyser test proved that the suspect was under the influence of liquor. He was to be produced before the Anuradhapura additional Magistrate on January 11.

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