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Pearl of Asia Department Store launched

Unveiling the latest department store in Colombo, Pearl of Asia a one stop shopping destination for the international traveller was opened in Millennium Park last week.

‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, the department store caters to the exotic. Amidst a range of authentic merchandise, the store flaunts a number of local and international brands.

This is the first Ranging from Ayurveda to Gems, an indulgent range of Sri Lankan products is conveniently found here.

Siddhalepa a brand celebrated all over the world for its medicinal values will be marketing a number of their Ayurveda healing care products at the department store.

Preserving Sri Lanka’s fame for quarrying precious and semi-precious gem stones, Hemachandras Jewellers at Pearl of Asia offers a genuine and vast selection of gemstones at competitive prices. Retailing exquisite pieces of Jewellery to internationally acclaimed celebrities, Hemachandras is the country’s foremost jeweller.

The department store also offers high-quality tea courtesy Akbar Brothers, one of the largest exporters of Tea in Sri Lanka. A consortium of three investors including a Chinese have invested Rs. 100 million for the project.

This is the first time a Chinese have invested in the department store. An official from the consortium said that they hope to open more outlets in the South and Kandy soon.

The store here provides a number of teas including a variety of flavored teas. An ideal souvenir for he visiting holidaymaker, the tea center packages tea in a selection of attractive presentation boxes. An exclusive pleasure for visitors, this is the only Akbar Brothers tea centre located in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka.

Showcasing the latest designs in resort wear and swimwear, Arugam Bay is a trendy homespun brand. The vivid collection presented at the store is set to keep you effortlessly stylish on the tropical isles of Sri Lanka.

Another apparel store, Colombo’s only contemporary department store is proud to have on board is Hameedia – the country’s number one men’s wear store. Flaunting the latest trends in Denim Wear, LiCC Jeans at the Pearl of Asia is a leading domestic apparel brand. Tailoring for both men and women, the collection of superior quality clothing includes a stunning range of jackets, jeans and shorts.

Catering to the needs of the conscientious traveller, Sixth Sense is a one of a kind perfumery. Hosting an exquisite medley of middle eastern influenced scents, the Sixth Sense offers fragrances such as Attar Khalid Arabic Perfumes, Henry Laffont and more.

Diversifying the local fashion scene with fashionable Batik wear, Nool treats the globe trotter to a vibrant range of dresses, skirts, shawls and even footwear. For visitors seeking for a momentous token of their trip can certainly consider a purchase from the open art gallery.

Exhibiting a number paintings from selected emerging artists and a range of antiques,t he gallery is a delightful haunt of the serious souvenir hunter. 


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