No shortage of rice in the market: Rishad Bathiudeen


“There is no shortage of rice in the market as speculated” Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen said yesterday (16).

Minister Bathiudeen, accompanied by officials of the Consumer Affairs Authority addressed the media at a surprise visit to a rice warehouse in Colombo, which the Media itself picked.

 “Imported rice is now distributed and rice shortage is now ending. There is no shortage of rice in the market as speculated” said Minister Bathiudeen.

 “I visited many shops and rice wholesalers around here in Colombo and all of them are selling rice at given Maximum Retail Prices (MRPs), and certain places are selling competitively at even lower prices!’ he said.

The Minister added that certain shops sold Ponni Samba for Rs 64 when the MRP is Rs 80.

Minister Bathiudeen said that consumer complaints regarding errant rice sales can be made through the emergency line 1977.

 He said that two-hundred and fifty CAA officers were assigned to raid shops across the island today.

The Minister had urged people to stop spreading rumours.

‘The rice I am referring to importing rice which of which tax was reduced to Rs. 5 and not the domestically milled rice but’: Minister Bathiudeen said.

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