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Professor Carlo Fonseka admitted to hospital


Sri Lanka Medical Council President Professor Carlo Fonseka was admitted to the Colombo General Hospital earlier today (24) after a brief illness.

Sources said that he was admitted after complaining of heart ailment and is currently undergoing several medical tests.

The Professor will be discharged shortly, the sources added.

Professor Fonseka will turn 84 this year in March.

He received a first class MBBS (Ceylon) in 1960 from the University of Colombo and obtained his postgraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh in 1966.

In 1999 Professor Fonseka was awarded a Master of Arts from the University of Kelaniya.

He was the first Dean to have emerged from the Kelaniya University Medicine Faculty.


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Hope he recovers soon. He is breaking down under the yoke of mafia pressure. Should give internship to doctors like how he got it and not go to courts asking for injustice. Justice wins and warns not to mess.

Dear Sir, why are you loosing your reputation and health in your last days because you believe in a different political ideation. Do not ask for injustice and appear for universal truth. Bless you and live long.

It is illegal for Prof. Carlo to take SLMC to courts as Prez. while he is 84 and on an extension of few months, presuming he can finish case in that period. Now that he is in Intensive Cardiac Care, having been there 6 months ago also, what guarantees he is suitable for this post, which he considers to be his private property. There should be no further extension of his service as now he is also physically not fit. Surely, profession has able doctors, who obey the law, to settle SAITM issue immediately, letting mafia have own consequences.

Prof. Carlo's term as President SLMC expired last year. Not reappointed for a full term, but given a temporary few months to receive verdict and bring it to conclusion and at 84, he is not suitable even physically as this is the second Cardiac Intensive Care admission he had within 6 months. It is certainly illegal in terms of SLMC President post for him to restart long term court procedures when he does not carry the authority of an appointed post but only an extension. Should willingly step down or authorities should not extend services under this setting. Surely a stable, balanced and healthy doctor can be appointed fulltime.


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