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Sri Lanka has 25 percent women representation in local bodies

The 25 percent women representation in local government institutions is the greatest victory achieved by Sri Lanka in the gender equality sector during the last 50 years, Campaign for Free and Fair Elections Executive Director Keerthi Tennakoon said in a press release issued recently.

The release adds: "International Women’s Day is celebrated at a time when certain ministers are trying to turn the tide against this victory and take the country back to the proportional system of elections. "Women in Sri Lanka obtained universal adult franchise in 1931 before European countries started talking about women’s rights.

Thirty years later Sri Lanka produced the first women Prime Minister in the world.

"Women’s Day in 2016 was celebrated by highlighting the campaign for 25 percent women representation. Several proposals were also received for increasing women representation when the 20th Amendment to the Constitution was brought forward.

But today, several parties in the political mainstream had launched a campaign to abolish 25 percent women representation in the local government sector.

"Heroes of yester year Women’s Day celebrations were trying to perform the villain’s role. Their endeavour was to take the local government system back to the corrupt proportional representation which did not allow even five percent women representation." 

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