Govt. planning to sell key institutions, alleges C.B.

Former Minister and MP C.B. Rathnayake yesterday alleged that the government was planning to sell key government institutions such as SriLankan Airlines, Colombo Port, the CEB, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and the National Water Supply and Drainage Board citing they were inefficient and suffering losses.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo yesterday, Rathnayake said it was an utter lie to claim that they were being sold due to their inefficiency and losses. The CPC earned a profit of Rs.9 billion last year while the Sri Lanka Ports Authority earned a profit of Rs.10 billion.

Therefore, why does the government want to sell these profit earning institutions?

“The government should be held responsible for any losses incurred by government institutions. We know most of the state institutions are inefficient at present. Are they going to sell them too?” Rathnayake asked.

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I am sure this will happen on the advice of the IMF team, who visited the country recently. The IMF and the World Bank have a set of rules for developing countries aimed at keeping them permanently suppressed, but have another set of rules for the developed Western countries. All major countries in the EU are supporting their government institutions whatever the EU rules are and get away with it. The exception is the UK during Mrs Thatcher's time who dismantled all government establishments and the British still suffer from that dogmatic approach. Our short-sighted and uneducated politicians must be over the moon at the chance of getting back handers during the sales, creaming off public money for themselves openly, once again deceiving the public. People should really come to the streets like the South Koreans did when they see corruption in Sri Lanka carried out so openly and arrogantly.


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