Attorney General orders suspension of Malwana land auction


The auction of the sixteen-acre Malwana land and house said to be owned by former Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa and Thirukumar Nadesan was suspended today.

The Attorney General made the order saying that the land and house will be used for the public.

The minimum bid was set at Rs.208 million after the valuation department valued the property at Rs.208 million.

A case was filed by the FCID under the Money Laundering Act following a complaint that former Minister Basil Rajapaksa had bought the sixteen-acre land at Mapitigama for Rs. 64 million and built a luxury house on it at a cost of Rs. 125 million.

It was alleged the land, and the house on it, belonged to Rajapaksa, and that it was bought using public funds.

However, lawyers for the former Economic Development Minister told Court the land did not belong to their client.

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The owner of this Land was Senadeera Ayurvedic Vedamahaththaya. When he died her children sold this to Basil & wife Pushpa. They Supervised construction of this mansion throughout.


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