Sri Lanka seeks more Palk Bay patrolling | Daily News

Sri Lanka seeks more Palk Bay patrolling

Sri Lanka on Friday asked India to increase the patrol of the Palk Bay to prevent Tamil Nadu fishermen from trespassing into Sri Lankan waters, even as it expressed positive signs on the likely release of detained Indian trawlers, the Hindu reported.

“The meeting was very useful. We are happy that India is really committed to its assurance of phasing out bottom trawlers and has taken constructive steps. We are very hopeful of finding a permanent solution together,” a senior officer from the Sri Lankan delegation told The Hindu after official teams from the countries met here as part of an initiative to jointly address the Palk Bay fisheries conflict, involving fishermen of Tamil Nadu and northern Sri Lanka.

Friday’s meeting was the second of the ongoing discussions between senior officials from both sides, an initiative running parallel to the ministerial level bilateral talks.

- The Hindu


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