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Nilanjana is ready for release

Well known film, teledrama and stage play producer Dr. Arosha Fernando’s long awaited Nilanjana movie will be released on the MPI film circuit from April 20.

Himali Siriwardhana, Palitha Silva, Sriyani Amarasena, Mahendra Weeraratne, Manel Wanaguru, Bandula Vithanage, Anusha Damayanthi, Kalum Kularatne and many more comprises the cast. The film brings a mystery tale based on a true story of one of the most popular film actress in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Arosha who has been recognised for producing the highest number of films in the recent time, has produced 12 films during past four years and out of that four films are based on true stories including the latest film release Nilanjana.

‘I have produced all thethree types of films - commercial, art as well as the middle path commercial / art films, and believe the new film Nilnajana will bring a new experience for the film goers as from the script it was planned and shot in a totally new format which has not been seen or experienced by the Sri Lankan audience before’ said the producer Dr. Arosha.

“I had to start the shooting my 13th film production Raksha and my 14th film production Eka Dawasaka Api while releasing Nilanjana. This is a challenge for me as I need to manage all the three film projects at the same time,” Dr. Arosha added.


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