All JO parliamentarians will participate in their May Day rally

All Joint Opposition (JO) parliamentarians will participate in the JO May Day rally en masse since they are prepared to face any amount of disciplinary inquiries held against them by the SLFP, Kandy District UPFFA Parliamentarian Dilum Amunugama said.

Certain people tried to conduct disciplinary inquiries against them in the past, but all those inquiries ended up in failure in the face of public opinion, he said.

He was addressing a meeting in Kandy recently.

Amunugama said SLFP parliamentarians in the government would attend the SLFP May Day rally, but the UPFA member parties' representatives would attend the JO rally. Therefore, JO rally should be considered as the true UPFA May Day rally, he said.

The Parliamentarians added that besides JO members on visits abroad, the rest would be present at the JO rally.

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