Priority is given to rescue people from evils of tobacco, alcohol, drugs: Sajith

Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa said the Yahapalana government will give priority to rescuing the people from the evils of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

“What the previous government did under the “Mathata Thitha” was to grant liquor licenses to their cronies. When these cronies ventured out for various other illegal business connected to the liquor trade, the political leadership even threatened the Police to secure their release,” the minister said.

He was addressing a ceremony to commission the service centre to fulfil the requirements of the people living in Muwanwewa, Lunugamwehera.

The public servants in the Muwanwewa area will be able to serve the people without any hassle through this newly commissioned service centre.

Loads of narcotics were brought to the country by containers during the former regime. Today our government nabs such narcotic containers. The Customs is also rendering a yeoman service island-wide to tackle the narcotics. We have stopped giving liquor licences through politicians. The responsibility of the

politicians is not giving liquor licences but rather serving the villagers, he said. 


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