Dinesh, Ananda stamp their class at Mahagastota

Fastest time of the day - (Cars) Dinesh Jayawardena 3.657 SL-GT upto 3500CC

Dinesh Jayawardena and Ananda Sampath Weerasinghe stamped their class at the 83rd Mahagastota Festival of Speed by becoming the fastest driver and rider respectively.

One of the oldest and most prestigious events in the Sri Lankan motor racing calendar, the Mahagastota festival of Speed was conducted by the Ceylon Motor Sports Club at the Pedro Estate, where some of Sri Lanka’s best drivers and riders engaged in a race against the clock.

Jayawardena, competing in the SL-GT cars upto 3500cc event, finished the uphill drive in just 33.657 seconds.

Fastest time of the day - (Bikes) Ananda Sampath Weerasinghe Honda CRF 450cc 33.936 (SM Open 2T and 4T)    

Darin Weerasinghe took 34.236 seconds to reach the finish line and that earned him the second place in the SL-GT category. Shafraz Junaid was the third fastest, clocking 38.570 seconds. Darin was unfortunate to have crashed out in his first attempt.

Returning to action after a lapse of two years, Dilan Seneviratne topped the time sheets in both events he took part. Seneviratne clocked fastest times in the Formula Ford 1600cc and Formula Modified up to 1665cc categories.

Seneviratne, upon his return to the race track, made an immediate impact, clocking 36.981 seconds in the Formula Ford 1600cc event, almost three seconds faster than his closest compatriot, Shafraz Junaid. Junaid clocked 39.224 seconds to book the second place. Nadeera Jinasena spent 39.318 seconds to reach the end of the track and completed the top three podium spots.

In the Formula Modified up to 1665cc category, Seneviratne sealed the top spot with a 34.760 second run, on his first attempt itself. His fellow team-mate Rohan de Silva was the second fastest, clocking 44.040 seconds to make it a Mobil - one-two.Rohan was unfortunate since his car was not performing to his expectation.

Young racing prodigy Kushan Peiris also enjoyed an impressive run, winning the SL-H Cars upto 1618cc as well as the Ford Laser/Mazda 323 up to 1300cc event.

Peiris spent 38.028 seconds to reach the finish line in the SL-H cars event and later, he went on to win the Ford Laser/Mazda 323 upto 1300cc category, with a time of 42.714 seconds.

The fastest rider of the day, Ananda Sampath clocked 33.936 seconds ahead of his fellow compatriots S P Chaminda (37.142 seconds) and Dilan Chaminda (39.918 seconds) in the SM Open 2T and 4T event.

In the national events, Sanjeewa Udaya Kumara (45.008 in the Group ‘O’ Stdod up to 125cc (4T) Mono Cylinder) and National) Vinula Pathirage (41.696 in the Std Motorcycles Over 125cc up to 160cc (4T), topped the time sheets.

Popular riders Shrian Samuel (35.813 in the Stdod Motorcycles 600cc) Maduranga Caldera (39.467 in the Stdod Motorcycles Over 900cc up to 1000cc) were also among the top performers in their respective classes.

Due to the large number of Motor Cycle entries received,the organisers had to conduct the event on two days, Motor Cycles on Saturday and the Cars on Sunday.



(National) Group ‘O’ Stdod up to 125cc (4T) Mono Cylinder

1 Sanjeewa Udaya Kumara 45.008, 2 Supun Danushka 46.175, 3 Gihan Sanjeewa 48.444

(Sponsored) Group ‘O’ Stdod up to 125cc (4T) Mono Cylinder

1 M C S Perera Honda 48.493, 2 R M R K Ranathunga 50.619, 3 M S Chinthaka 52.751

Racing 125cc

1 Shazran Ismathnoon 38.751, 2 W M Sudara Weerasinghe 42.129, 3 Dilan Chaminda Hettiarachchi 42.249

Racing 85cc

1 Shane De Silva 40.733, 2 W M Gihan Sanjeewa 41.24, 3 M K Y Ayeshmantha 43.605

Stdod Motorcycles Over 900cc up to 1000cc

1 Maduranga Caldera 39.467, 2 Dimuthu De Silva 44.323, 3 Saman Kotuwage 52.498

(National) Std Motorcycles Over 125cc up to 160cc (4T)

1 Vinula Pathirage 41.696, 2 W M Nimesh 41.982, 3 Nikila Pathirage 42.527

(Sponsored) Std Motorcycles Over 125cc up to 160cc(4T)

1 Shane Silva 43.361, 2 Ganeshan Vijekumar 45.305, 3 Ghana Pragash 47.141

One make Buell Open (Club Event)

1 Hashan Illeperuma 42.739, 2 Mario Anthoniz 44.158, 3 Wps Ranaweera 44.756

Stdod Motorcycles 600cc

1 Shrian Samuel 35.813, 2 Maduranga Caldera 39.803, 3 Chaminda De Silva 40.375

Street Trail One-make Kawasaki Tracker 250cc(4T)

1 R M Mimshad 39.54, 2 P Raguraj 39.831, 3 M Rizvi 40.233

Street Trail Over 175cc up to 250cc (2T and 4T) (Club Event)

1 Dasma Shane 38.831, 2 M Rizvi 40.981, 3 S Gnanapragash 41.14

SM Over 100cc up to 125cc (2T) and over 175cc up to 250cc (4T)

1 Asanka Udayakumara 37.515, 2 Chaminda Desilva 37.806, 3 Lakshan Aruldass 38.102

SM Open 2T and 4T

1 Ananda Sampath Weerasinghe 33.936, 2 S P Chaminda 37.142, 3 Dilan Chaminda 39.918

Sports Touring Motorcycles Over 700cc (Club Event)

1 Mangala Pathirage 38.069, 2 Akalanka Perera Aprilla 41.653, 3 Hashan Illeperuma 43.647

Stdod Motorcycles over 100cc up to 125cc (2T)

1 Ganeshan Vijayakumar 37.622, 2 Udana Perera 39.331, 3 W M Gihan Sanjeewa 40.601

Stdod Motorcycles Over 175cc up to 250cc (4T)

1 Heshan Pasindu 38.172, 2 Mangala Pathirage 39.513, 3 Nikila Pathirage 41.252

Fastest time of the day - (Bikes)

Ananda Sampath Weerasinghe Honda CRF 450cc 33.936 - SM Open 2T and 4T


Ford Laser/Mazda 323 up to 1300cc

1 Kushan Peiris 42.714, 2 Sheenal Gunawardena 43.382, 3 Susantha Gunawardena 43.431

Ford Laser/Mazda 323 up to 1500cc

1 Susantha Gunawardena 43.318, 2 Kushan Peiris 43.819, 3 Dhammika Peiris 44.694

Formula Mclarens 1300cc

1 Chandima Gunaratne 38.546, 2 Bryan Perera 38.740, 3 Ranjaya Dissanayake 39.202

Formula Ford 1600cc

1 Dilan Seneviratne 36.981, 2 Shafraz Junaid 39.224, 3 Nadeera Jinasena 39.318

Formula Modified up to 1665cc

1 Dilan Seneviratne 34.760, 2 Rohan De Silva 44.040

SL-A Modified cars up to 1050cc

1 Mahen Madugalle 41.646, 2 Ajith Keerthi 41.946, 3 Yasith Gamage 42.515

SL-A Mini 7

1 K. Parameswaran 45.339, 2 W N S Tissera 46.094, 3 Ajith Keerthi 47.794

SL-H Cars up to 1618cc

1 Kushan Peiris 38.028, 2 Chandima Gunaratne 38.918, 3 Prasanna Rajakulendran 39.169

SL-GT Cars upto 3500cc

1 Dinesh Jayawardena 33.657, 2 Darin Weerasinghe 34.236, 3 Shafraz Junaid 38.570

SL-S Cars up to 1500cc

1 Madushan Mannapperuma 37.665, 2 Rumesh Rajakulendran 39.778, 3 S Mannapperuma 40.188

SL–E Nissan March - Cars Upto 1000cc - One make

1 Dammika Peiris 46.420, 2 Binara Panduwawala 47.434, 3 Mihan Peiris 48.994

SL-E Mini - Cars up to 1275cc - One make

1 Duminda Jayasinghe 44.224, 2 Neel Weerasinghe 44.949, 3 Sadaru Weerasinghe 45.711

Fastest time of the day

Dinesh Jayawardena 33.657 - SL-GT upto 3500CC 

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