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GMOA puts Govt in the dock in SAITM case

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) yesterday urged the Government to make the Supreme Court aware of its stance on the Malabe South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM), without further delay.

GMOA Secretary Dr. Navin De Zoysa said that a letter will be sent to the President requesting him to make arrangements to present the stance of the Government on SAITM to the Supreme Court.

Addressing a press conference in Colombo Dr. Zoysa said first the Government should obtain the Sri Lanka Medical Council’s views on the set of proposals presented by the Government on SAITM on April 7.

“This is because the sole responsibility of taking decisions on the technical facts goes

to the SLMC which had been established by the Medical Council Ordinance Number 24 of 1924 (an Act passed in Parliament)” Zoysa said.

Dr. De Zoysa pointed out the government should not delay in announcing its stance to the Supreme Court, as an islandwide strike has been planned by several trade unions over the SAITM issue.

He said the Government’s April 7 Proposals had acknowledged the facts that SAITM training is not sufficient for its students, the Neville Fernando Hospital does not meet the required standards to train medical students, the MBBS degree offered by SAITM cannot be accepted under prevailing conditions.The SLMC plays the key role in regulating the standard of medical education, he added. 


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GMOA requests President for 'govt. stance' and not delay as they have planned a strike to coincide with courts. GMOA needs to prove that SAITM training is insufficient by twisting hand of govt., but the tragedy is that it is GMOA who is responsible for any deficiencies needing to be corrected, simply because they prevented the students given legal rights through courts to receive their paid training available only in govt. hospitals. If money mafia was paid, no trouble. If GMOA terror did not exist, SAITM would be super excellent now. It is amusing that SLMC under a cabinet minister claims to be the sole authority, but has violated the ordinance according to verdict with malicious intent. A new SLMC prez and registrar is a dire need for QAA taking over evaluation, to justify private universities. GMOA is only a TU.

Govt. again offering Avissawela and Homagama hospitals to SAITM when this MOU signed 7 years ago was used by GMOA terrorists to destroy SAITM. The leopard cant change spots like the tiger cant change its stripes. What kind of joke are these SLMC deans trying to pressurize, knowing GMOA dictates in hospitals. Why not give internship, and let them sit Common MCQ of state. Such a simple solution


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