Jobs of ministers critical of govt are at stake: Wijepala Hettiarachchi

Wijepala Hettiarachchi
Wijepala Hettiarachchi

Those who criticise the government while being within it must know that their ministerial posts are at stake if the government topples, UNP Galle District MP Wijepala Hettiarachchi said.

Addressing a meeting in Galle yesterday, he said some who are clinging onto ministerial posts in the ‘Yahapalana’ Government were trying to show off their powers to the UNP.

“President Maithripala Sirisena will never join the Joint Opposition. He will not kick the ladder that helped him to climb high. If anybody is hoping to form a government with JO MPs, he must know that it is only a pipe dream,” he said.

“Some SLFP ministers have double standards. They are ready to join former President Mahinda Rajapaksa if needed. We are not like that and our sole aim is developing the country and safeguarding the democracy,” he said. 

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