Range Bandara, Nishantha lock horns again

Police yesterday averted an imminent clash between the supporters of State Minister Palitha Range Bandara and Anamaduwa Cooperative Society officials when a meeting was held to elect members to the Director Board yesterday.

The election of board of directors for the Cooperative Society was to be held yesterday morning at the second floor of the Cooperative building.State Minister Palitha Range Bandara has reportedly arrived at the venue before election began and accused the officials of the cooperative society.

Ninety one members were to be appointed to the Director Board with 88 of them proposed to be appointed as Directors from the Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna.

Police sources said that a group of people supporting State Minister Palitha Range Bandara has started hooting at the elected members when they were prepared to elect members to the Director Board.

The State Minister’s supporters had not allowed the representative of the provincial cooperative commissioner who was assigned to monitor the election process to enter the cooperative premises.

However, the elected Cooperative Society members have managed to elect the director board

by obtaining advice from the Provincial Cooperative Commissioner over the phone.

Eighteen members representing the UNP and 180 members representing the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna were elected to the society through an election held on March 30.

An argument erupted between State Minister Palitha Range Bandara and Puttalam District parliamentarian Sanath Nishantha when the election was being held, on that day.


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