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Confidence on Wiggie: TNA split

Talks between Sampanthan, Wigneswaran fail:

Hartal in favour of wiggie :

suresh for wiggie, suma says no:

A possible split within the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has become apparent as negotiations between TNA Leader R. Sampanthan and Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister of C.V. Wigneswaran over a compromise has fallen through.

As a result, hartals organised by the Tamil People’s Council (TPC) in support of Wigneswaran which were put on hold in lieu of the negotiations, went ahead yesterday.

Sources state that Sampanthan had asked Wigneswaran to allow the two ministers; Balasubramaniam Deniswaran and Dr. Pathmanathan Sathiyalingam, who were exonerated by the committee appointed to investigate them, to continue work, pending a fresh investigation. Earlier Thambyrajah Gurukularajah and Ponnuthurai Ayngaranesan were removed from their posts after being found guilty.

Wigneswaran had called for a fresh investigation despite the committee’s ruling. The Chief Minister however, it is learnt has rejected the ITAK offer and has stated that he will go ahead with the investigations.

EPRLF Leader and TNA member Suresh Premachandran in the meantime insisted that the ITAK had taken an unnecessary stance to remove the Chief Minister from office.

“This is opposed by half of the Provincial Council members; TNA constituent parties like the EPRLF, TELO and PLOT are against it,” he said.

“I don’t understand why the ITAK wants to remove the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister has taken steps to remove the corrupt ministers. But the ITAK wants to keep them as ministers. This is completely opposed by the Tamil people. There was a big rally from Nallur Temple up to the Chief Ministers house today (16) and the public said they would be with him,”added Premachandran.

He further explained that they also held hartals in Vavuniya and Kilinochchi in protest. Reports coming in from Vavuniya however indicate that no protest was held there as many had not got the message in time. Meetings had been held on Thursday over a possible hartal but none had communicated the message clearly to the businessmen in town.

Premachandran further explained that, “If the ITAK did not withdraw the No-Confidence Motion, it would be a difficult thing” and while discussions were to be held with the TNA leader, “There was no feedback from Sampanthan”.

At present he said they were trying to persuade the ITAK to withdraw the petition but failing which, “They would be forced to fight it out in the Council,”he said.

The former TNA Parliamentarian said on Thursday night, 15 council members had submitted their affidavits in support of Wigneswaran and he expected two more to support them.

The Council made up of 38 members has the TNA occupying 30 seats; ITAK 15, EPRLF 5, TELO 6, PLOT 3 and the Good Governance Front holding 1 seat. The Opposition has the UPFA (EPDP, ACMC and SLFP) with 7 seats and the SLMC 1 seat.

The ITAK motion of no-confidence thus far has secured 21 signatures which includes 15 from the ITAK, 2 from EPDP, 3 from the ACMC and 1 from the SLMC. The SLFP has chosen to remain neutral in this struggle, it is learnt.

“The Chief Minister has the majority within the ruling party but they are having support with the Opposition”, said Premachandran.

ITAK member Ayoop Asmin speaking to Daily News however said that the group in support of Wigenswaran were counting their 15 having included the Chief Minister himself, “They cannot technically count the Chief Minister here. They only have 14,”he said.

TNA Spokesperson M.A.Sumanthiran in the meantime speaking to IBC Tamil Network in a video posted on the official TNA twitter account said action against the Chief Minister needed to be taken and that the latter’s recent statements and actions were unforgiveable.

“It was our leader Sampanthan and I who suggested that Wignesawaran be chosen as Chief Minister and it was through the TNA that he became the Chief Minister. But he has not said a word in support of the part and instead has worked against it.

“I did tell the party hierarchy that action needs to be taken against him but then the leadership was of the belief that given the hardships faced by the people, we must tolerate his actions. So I remained silent,”Sumanthiran said.

“But, his recent actions too have become problematic and I am of the stance that it has become unforgiveable,”Sumanthiran added. 


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