Uma Oya project estimate bloated: CaFFE Executive Director | Daily News

Uma Oya project estimate bloated: CaFFE Executive Director

The Uma Oya project estimate was bloated by USD 248 million in January 2009 with the intention of receiving commissions, CaFFE Executive Director Keethi Thennakoon said.

Issuing a press release yesterday, he said former Irrigation Ministry Secretary A.D.S.Gunawardena resigned from his post on January 9,2009 noting his reluctance to sign the project agreement that costs an additional sum of USD 248 million to the Sri Lankan Government.

“There was political pressure on him to sign the project agreement. As he resigned, his successor Ivan Silva started the project despite the vehement opposition by the environmentalists and people in Uva. By that time, the project estimate had risen to about four folds of the original estimate prepared in 2008 by a Canadian company,” he said.

“Corrupt politicians and public officials should take the blame for the current plight of Bandarawela which was a beautiful town several years ago,” he said.


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