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Kalutara Bar Associaiton’s Law Night

The Kalutara Bar has produced dazzling and resplendent guiding stars in the galaxy of the legal and political fraternity. It also has a large number of competent and talented juniors and they should be helped to reach greater heights by creating opportunities for them to blossom in life, said Attorney at Law and Past President of the Kalutara Bar Association, M. A. M Hanaffi.

He was delivering the keynote address at the 'Law Night' year-end get-together and farewell reception to judges held at the Tangarine Beach Hotel, Kalutara, recently. Association President Ravi Domingo presided.

Hanaffi said they are gathered to mark the Law night get-together and to bid farewell to Civil Appelate Court Judge Pushpamali, Additional District Judge Chamath Madanayake and Magistrate Udesh Ranatunge, on their retirement from Judicial Service. On behalf of the Kalutara Bar Association, he wished to extend greetings to them for happiness and contentment in their life in retirement.

Hanaffi said, the get-together and the farewell ceremony was a great tradition in the rich heritage of the Kalutara Bar Association. Therefore, it was a proud occasion for their membership.

He said, special honour is due to Thushara Jayakody for the silent service he had rendered to the progress of their association.

Hanaffi added, it was appropriate for him to highlight a quote from Lord Macdonald, mentioned by Justice Soertz in an article on “Our Legal Fraternity,” published in the Law College Magazine which said, “stand your trial in the forum of your conscience.”

Quoting Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, he had said “The evil that men do lives after them and the good is oft interred with their bones.”

Another quote from Shakespeare in Hamlet mentioned in the Judges Journal also came to his mind: “This above all to thine own self he true and it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

Attorney Hanaffi said, At this juncture, it is our bounden duty to remember with a deep sense of gratitude the founding fathers of our Association and all the others who nurtured and preserved these traditions as our heritage.

Late D. J. F. Walter a golden jubilarian, a much respected senior of our Bar, commenting on the calibre of the lawyers who adorned our Bar in the past, in his book 'In and out of the Kalutara Courts,' referred to the then class of lawyers as “They were fearless and independent men, imbued with their heritage of our noble traditions, alive to their rights and privileges and no less conscious of their duties; men of courage who asserted themselves without flinching as occasion demanded, thereby earning the respect and regard both judges and suitors.”

"In keeping with these great and time honoured traditions, President, you have organized this function with your colleagues. It is with a tinge of sadness we bid farewell to Pushpamali as the judge of the Civil Appellate High Court, Additional District Judge Chamath Madannayake and Magistrate Udesh Ranagunga," he added.

"I had the privilege of appearing before her Ladyship, Pushpamali and Chamath Madannayake. She has earned the respect of the Bar and meted out justice to all with your feminine charm tempering rigours of the law with mercy and compassion. After 33 long years of dedicated service to the nation as a judicial officer, having commenced her judicial career as a president of a Labour Tribunal and retired as a judge of judges from our Civil Appellate High Court. Yours is a well-earned and well -deserved retirement. I wish you a peaceful life," he said.

"Chamath Madannayake, you are a young judicial officer and an upright judge. You have a great future. I wish you and Hon Udesh Ranathunga another young judge with a future, all success in all their endeavours. Be always guided by the thought that “the path of duty is the way to glory," Hanaffi said. Hanaffi also thanked the President and members of the Executive Committee and other members of their association for the excellent arrangements. Ravi Domingo made the welcome speech and Magistrate Udesh Ranatunge spoke on behalf of the Judges. Association Secretary Thushara Jayakody proposed the vote of thanks. 

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