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Hayleys Group’s Alumex, Hayleys Agriculture expand Puritas Sathdiyawara

Continuing to expand and create a positive impact on the nation’s growing CKD concern, the Hayleys Group’s Puritas SathDiyawara endeavour has now extended its clean drinking water project with two more Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants.

One plant was recently installed in Meegassegama, Thalawa, sponsored by Alumex PLC The second plant was installed in Pahala Kedithokkuwa, Nochchiyagama, sponsored by Hayleys Agriculture, where in addition to the RO Plant, a mixed cultivation of fruits and moringa was also initiated with the expertise of Hayleys Agriculture, in the one acre land owned by the CBO (Community Based Organization) of Pahala Kedithokkuwa.

Both villages were also gifted with a knowledge hub, each consisting of computers with internet access and a library.

These projects are the second villages which both Alumex and Hayleys Agriculture have committed to, thereby further strengthening their long-term pledge to this cause.

Speaking at the event, Managing Director of Alumex PLC, Rohan Peris commented, “This is the second SathDiyawara village which we have adopted. As part of the Hayleys Group, we strongly believe in how Puritas SathDiyawara has benefitted these marginalized people, and we have seen firsthand, how providing clean drinking water to CKD afflicted areas has resulted in reduction and reversal of the illness. This encourages us to continue investing in this cause to save more affected lives as well as the lives at risk.”

Addressing the gathering, Jayanthi Dharmasena, Deputy MD of Hayleys Agriculture stated that Hayleys Agriculture is committed to uplifting rural livelihoods of the community, and that this initiative is an extension of their holistic CSR strategy.

Rizvi Zaheed, Managing Director, Hayleys Agriculture commenting on the project, stated, “While this is the 2nd RO plant which we have commissioned, we have also added to the initiative by supporting the livelihood of the villagers by sharing our expertise and knowledge on agricultural best practices to support them with the cultivation of fruits and moringa on an acre of land. We will continue to support SathDiywara which is our Group’s flagship CSR project.”

Each village was fitted with a Centralized Water Treatment plant, including a Plant house, an RO treatment system with a capacity of 10,000 litres a day and water storage cum distribution tower. And a water distribution and delivery mechanism consisting of two wheeler tractor pulled bowser (of 1, 000 liters) and 10 docking stations of 1, 000 liters each.

Elaborating further, Managing Director, Haycarb and Puritas, Rajitha Kariyawasan added, “Since 2014, SathDiyawara has grown to become a highly sustainable and long-term endeavour which has reaped very clear results. We now provide over 30,000 people with 130,000 litres of drinking water a day. Our single-minded focus lies in eradicating CKD.”

Speaking on the initiative the Community Based Organisation (CBO) Secretary of Meegassegama, Thalawa, Wijerathne commented. “This gift of life which we have received today signifies a renewed hope for our future. While CKD is a huge concern with more and more CKD patients being diagnosed in our villages, we have also suffered through the severe lack of quality drinking water. We have to travel miles and miles to collect water, which to most is just a basic amenity, but to us is a luxury which we only dreamed of.”

Commenting on the commitment to clean drinking water, the Chairman of the Hayleys Group, Mohan Pandithage said, “We have visited a large number of villages in the North and North Central provinces, working at the ground level to identify the most severely affected villages.”

Each project is sponsored by a Group Company, and to-date the Hayleys Group has invested more than Rs. 56 million in this initiative. It consists of formalized water distribution network through a bowser and multiple docking stations throughout the village to ensure all villagers have equal access to purified water.


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