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Fanam International wins Bronze at NCE Exports Excellence Award

 Fanam International (Pvt) Ltd receiving the Bronze Award
Fanam International (Pvt) Ltd receiving the Bronze Award

Fanam International (Pvt) Ltd, a leading company in the Sri Lankan organic compost fertilizers exports trade, was honored with the Bronze Award in Fisheries and Livestock of the Agriculture Value Added Sector at the “NCE Exports Excellence 2017” award ceremony organized by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka recently.

The Director of Fanam International (Pvt) Ltd, T.F.N. Amith said that this victory of his company has been the result of a collective effort by all the employees.

Fanam International (Pvt) Ltd saw its inception in 1986 and has been placed at No.1 position among the companies that export organic compost fertilizers for the past few years. Marking it in the history, Fanam International (Pvt) Ltd could execute the first Sri Lankan export transaction of livestock to the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture in Maldives in response to their request in 2015.

Accordingly, they exported six goats to Maldives for the first time in 2015. 10 goats were sent to Maldives respectively in 2016. They are prepared to dispatch 20 more goats to their livestock farmers before the end of 2017.

It is noticeable that these goats were sent for the purpose of breeding.

This can be highlighted as a drive opening new avenues for Sri Lanka to gain foreign exchange for livestock sector. Though Maldives Ministry was importing goats from India till 2015, they started importing Goats from Sri Lanka due to the fact that quarantine measures and test protocols are superior in the region.

They also import goat milk and cow milk to Maldives and they intend to produce fresh goat milk from these goats. Fanam International (Pvt) Ltd is also planning to export cows to Maldives in order to originate capacity for them to initiate and strengthen their diary sector.

The company is also active in Poultry exports having made several shipments of one day old layer chicks and country farm chicks to its Ministry and Farmers. In addition to the above trades, Fanam also exports live plants for floriculture and Horticulture sector and to many Resorts in Maldives. 



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