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Budget Implementation Unit opened at Finance Ministry


A Budget Implementation Unit has been set within the Finance Ministry to implement all budget proposals within the course of next year, said Finance Minister, Mangala Samaraweera today, while he acknowledged that ‘implementation’ was one of the biggest challenges faced by his Ministry.

The Unit will be headed by Senior Advisor to the Finance and Mass Media Ministry, Mano Tittawella and Economic Advisor at the Ministry, Deshal de Mel.

They will produce monthly progress reports to the public, the Minister said.  

“Budgets are always impressive and nice when presented but the challenge is in implementation”, said Minister Samaraweera addressing the post Budget Forum organized by Ernst and Young at the Hilton.   

Speaking on his maiden budget, the Minister said his Budget in essence was that of ‘Free enterprise, liberalization and globalization’.

 “The whole thrust of the budget is the Enterprise Sri Lanka concept”, he added as he explained, “If Sri Lanka is to take off we have to awaken and re-energize the dormant entrepreneur in most Sri Lankans”.

The Minister touching on the past stressed that Sri Lankans historically were merchants and traders and that the country ‘always excelled when we have dealt with the outside world’. This has motivated the current premise of opening up the markets further through FTAs and the removal of up to 1800 para tariffs next year.

“Unfortunately the socialist mindset introduced is still with us so I thought it is time that Sri Lanka came forward and compete with the world. It should stop being a nanny state but we are there as a government to give everyone a helping hand. The budget is about helping the entrepreneurial spirit of our people”, he said.  

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