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SLASSCOM Compensation and Benefits Survey for 2017

SLASSCOM together with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have published the SLASSCOM Compensation and Benefits Survey for the year 2017.

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the emerging HR trends and practices in the Sri Lankan IT and BPM sector whilst providing a comprehensive understanding of the compensation strategies along with the employee attraction, retention and engagement strategies executed by industry players.

The report also provides a skill based analysis of common skills identified to provide an understanding of the variance in pay associated with such skill sets.

The comprehensive compensation and benefits analysis carried out, covered 150 job positions across a wide range of job families, representing the practices and perspectives of 52 small, medium and large IT and BPM survey participants.

The report provides the statistical analysis of the market mean, median and percentiles for job positions in the IT and BPM sector, thereby providing the opportunity for the reader to capture great understanding of the compensation and benefit practices of the industry.

The report also covers graduate salary scales of select job positions to provide a benchmark to the entry level salary scales in the IT/BPM sector in Sri Lanka.

To provide a broader perspective, a summary of the 2018 budget proposal highlighting the key aspects that may affect the stakeholders directly associated with the IT/BPM sector and the potential investors has been included in the report.

The survey is available for purchase at the SLASSCOM corporate office. For inquiries email [email protected]


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