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Probe into clearing of archaeological ruins

Investigations have been launched from several fronts to nab the suspects involved in clearing the location in Sampur where an archaeological team discovered the ruins of an ancient Cetiya (Dagoba) recently.

The girth of the Cetiya belonging to the early Anuradhapura period had measured 15 feet. The ruins were discovered during archaeological excavations in the Eastern Province.

Archaeological authorities said the location had been cleared by certain unscrupulous persons using a bulldozer a few days after the finding. The clearing of the site was first discovered by police which conducted investigations following a tip-off given on the police hotline.

Viharadhipati, Seruwila Mangala Raja Maha Viharaya Ven. Munhene Mettarama Thera said he had complained to the Secretary to the President, the Eastern Province Governor and the Government Agent about this.

Trincomalee District Assistant Director of Archaeology W H A Sumanadasa said they have dispatched a team to the location for further investigations.

Police have also submitted a report in this connection to the Muttur Magistrate’s Court too. 


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