NCPA Chairperson urges for child-friendly courts | Daily News

NCPA Chairperson urges for child-friendly courts

National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) Chairperson Marini de Livera, in a letter to the Attorney General, had raised the issue of the need for more child-friendly courts. In her letter, she had stated that the child-friendly court that functioned in the Anuradhapura High Court complex has discontinued and that it is of vital importance that children involved in judicial proceedings experience a human rights based approach.

In her letter to the Attorney General, she also pointed out that it is imperative that the needs of the victims be taken into account and the justice system seeks to protect the dignity and the right to security of children.

The NCPA Chairperson urges to facilitate the establishment of child-friendly courts in all provinces in Sri Lankan courts which ensures that the children’s best interests are the primary consideration in any action that affects them, she stated in her letter.


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