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Compelling Principal to kneel before Uva CM::

HRC holds ten hour probe

A ten hour investigation was carried out by the Human Rights Council on Thursday, over the incident where the Badulla Tamil Girl’s School Principal R. Bhavani was compelled to kneel down before the Uva Chief Minister and later threatening her and obtaining a statement.

The Executive Director of the Human Rights Centre Keerthi Tennakoon and the Ceylon Teachers Union General Secretary Joseph Stalin, appeared on behalf of the complainant party. Six respondents were summoned by the Human Rights Commission, including the Uva Province Education Director and the Secretary of the Uva Province Education Ministry, Sandya Ambanwela.

Speaking to the media upon the completion of the investigation, Keerthi Tennakoon said the manner in which these officials had acted was unacceptable. He said the Police and State officials had attempted to sweep the incident under the carpet.

Although the Uva Province Education Ministry Secretary, Director of Education, Badulla District, Zonal Education Director, Badulla Police OIC, Media Advisor of the Uva Provincial Council and two other employees of the Unit were summoned by the HRC under No. 236/18, the Badulla Police OIC and Media Advisor of the Uva Provincial Council did not attend the HRC investigation.

During the investigation, over 150 documents were taken into the custody of the HRC. 

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