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All-women group to contest LG elections in Kantale

The all-women group in Kantale. Picture by A. T. M. Gunananda, Trincomalee Special Corr.
The all-women group in Kantale. Picture by A. T. M. Gunananda, Trincomalee Special Corr.

Creating history, an all-women group of candidates would be contesting the upcoming election for the Kantale Provincial Council. This is the first time that an all-women team is contesting a Local Government election from the Trincomalee district.

The 2018 local government (LG) elections regulations made it compulsory to include women in every nomination list and there were some nomination lists that were rejected due to the lack of female representatives, placing greater significance to female representation at an election than ever before. It was made mandatory that at least 25 percent of those appointed to LG bodies, be females.

The Eastern Women’s Organisation headed by R. G. Podimanike had fielded an all-women’s list as an independent group, which was a significant move in terms of women being encouraged to enter politics.

R. G. Podimanike said, “This time, it was made mandatory to include 25 percent female representation at the LG polls. As a group that stands up for women’s and children’s rights, we felt that by contesting the LG elections and through the Provincial Councils, we could render a better service to women and children, than as a single organisation. Hence, we discarded all our personal political stands and came together as an independent group to contest the election.”

“The reason we did not to be affiliated to any party was that if we did, then we would have to work according to their agenda. However, there are many problems in the Kantale area that mainly affect women and children. As we have included women of all nationalities, we would then be able to address the issues of the women in these respective areas better, according to their cultural norms and also address issues pertaining to schooling. To achieve this goal, we have selected active women from their respective community organisations,” Podimanike added. 



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