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JO planning to silence Auditor General – Warnasinghe

The Joint Opposition is planning to drive a sense of fear into the Auditor General, with a planned No Confidence Motion in Parliament, the Anti-Corruption Front said yesterday.

The Joint Opposition had not only become upset over the explanation and comment made by the Auditor General about the government’s debt crisis, but also planned to bring in a No Confidence Motion in Parliament against the Auditor General to drive a sense of fear into him.

The Anti-Corruption Front condemns this sinister attempt of the Joint Opposition with deep abhorrence, Anti-Corruption Front Advisor Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe said in a press release yesterday.

The release said the startling revelation made by the Auditor General explained to the nation the gravity of the economic crisis faced by the country due to the unbridled spree of obtaining foreign and local loans during the previous regime.

The Auditor General in his statement not only explained the manner in which the Rajapaksa regime had bequeathed a debt burden on the country but gave a comparison of the loans obtained and the per capita debt incurred during the Rajapaksa regime and the present era. This had irked parliamentarian Bandula Gunawardene who is the chief of the joint opposition’s Economic Research unit.

The Auditor General who was considered a hero by Gunawardena when he explained the loss incurred due to the Central Bank Bond issue, seemed to have become a traitor in the eyes of Gunawardena.

The Sihala saying Kanna Ona Wunama Kabaragoyath Thalagoya Wenawa is apt to describe the duplicity of Gunawardena who now tries to bring in a No Confidence Motion against the Auditor General. This can also be considered as a ploy to drive fear into the minds of high state officials including those involved in anti-corruption investigations.

While condemning the attempt to bring in a No Confidence Motion against the Auditor General, the Anti Corruption Front requests all forces who value the country’s financial benefit to come forward to protect and safeguard the Auditor General.


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