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Sri Lanka inks five new MoUs with Finland

Representatives of the Sri Lankan and Finnish governments signed five new Memorandums of Understanding at a ceremony in Colombo on Tuesday.

The MoUs cover the sectors of vocational education, digitization, health, and energy.

“(These) are really connecting the best of Finland with the best of Sri Lanka,” said Finland Economic Affairs and Employment Deputy Minister Petri Peltonen, speaking at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel.

The memorandums were signed on the occasion of the Deputy Minister’s second official visit to Sri Lanka within six months. Peltonen said Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s trip to Finland last year was the “driving force” behind the increased collaboration between the two countries.

“It’s great to see that those directions by the prime ministers are now bearing fruit at all levels,” he said.

Peltonen signed three MoUs with representatives of the Education Ministry, the Telecommunication, Digital Infrastructure and Foreign Employment Ministry, and the Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Ministry.

“From this piece of paper, we now need to act,” said Telecommunication Ministry Secretary Waduge Deshapriya. In addition to the government agreements, two companies from the 17-member delegation of Finnish businesses signed agreements with Sri Lankan counterparts on Tuesday.

Peltonen said that two other business-to-business agreements, on information technology and thermal power, were close to finalization.

Jonas Froberg, the South Asia Business Development Manager for the Finnish company Wartsila, said his company was talking to LTL Holdings about a project in Bangladesh. But he said they were also interested in investing in renewable energy projects in Sri Lanka. He said the island had “huge” but unrealized potential for solar, wind, and wave energy.

Investors should look to Sri Lanka “not just for political reasons, but for economic ones also,” he said.

“I think we are truly making progress,” said Deputy Minister Peltonen.

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