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Fans of ‘Black Widow’ rejoiced at the revelation that the character is finally in line to get her own movie, and now we may know more about what it will actually be about. There a new rumour going around, and while it needs to be stressed that this is a rumour only, it would reportedly set at least part of the ‘Black Widow’ movie at the turn of the millennium and involve the Y2K bug specifically.

The rumour comes via MCU Cosmic from an unnamed source, and so grains of salt must be taken because we can’t even begin to verify it. Still, with the upcoming ‘Captain Marvel’ movie being set in the 1990s as well, the idea that a ‘Black Widow’ movie could be set at the end of the same decade is certainly plausible. Even if this rumour is true, it doesn’t even mean the entire movie will be a 90s period piece, as it could simply mean that part of the movie could flashback to the decade and show a young Black Widow, approximately 16 -years-old based on what we know of the character, perhaps with a storyline that connects to the modern day.

Based on the previously established MCU timeline for ‘Black Widow’, this would likely still put the character in her ‘Red Room’ years where she was still working for the Soviet Union. As such, the plot of the film could deal with how she broke away and eventually ended up working for S.H.I.E.L.D. There’s certainly no argument that this would be a story fans would very likely want to see on the big screen.

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