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Majority in Parliament intact - SB

UPFA MP S.B.Dissanayke said the Maithri- Mahinda government had no issue with regard to the parliament majority and would be able to secure more than 113 seats.

“But we have an issue taking some MPs willing to join the government due to objections from party leaders, trade unions and some other organisations,” the MP said.

He said several other MPs from the Opposition are willing to join the government and there is no need to worry about the parliament majority.

Dissanayake said it was difficult to understand the behaviour of the Speaker challenging the powers vested in the President by the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

He said anyone can petition to the Supreme Court and inquire the legality of the President’s decisions.

“Ranil Wickremesinghe knows that he is not the Prime Minister of the country and he is no longer constitutionally entitled to the residence. But he is trying to safeguard the Opposition Leader and party leadership by not vacating Temple Trees,” the MP said.



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