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Readers would have observed that among the new developments in the North of the country, a taste for artistic film appreciation has become evident as for the third time Yaalpaanam (Jaffna) had held an International Film Festival.

One of the major literary figures in the Thamil cultural scene is A Jesurasa and in the North the younger generation flock to him to update themselves in all matters pertaining to the arts as he had been a poet, short story writer, literary magazines editor, translator and a literary and film critic.

His importance is felt by everybody in Yaalpaanam, although some may disagree with his interpretations.

Published by his own concern, Alai Veliyeedu book has 104 pages.

Prof E Sornavel, Associate Professor of Michigan State University in the U.S. has found him a person with a deep understanding of the film medium and recommends his book for researchers and students of the cinema.

The bibliography of Yesurasa is as follows:

1. Tholaivum Iruppum, aenaiya kathaikalum (Distance, Existence and Other Stories) 1974 and 1989. In my review of the book, I found him an Existential writer.

2. Ariyap Padaathavarkal Ninaivaaka (In Memory of the Unknown)- poems -1984

3. Panimalai (Snow Rain) Translated poems

4. Thoovaanam (Drizzle) Columns 2001

5. Pathivukal (Recordings)- Columns 2003

6. Kuripeddil Irunthu (From the Diary) -Literary Essays -2007

7. Ninavuk Kurippukal (Notes on Remembrances) Essays- 2016

8. Thiraium Arangum: Kalai Veliyil oru Payanam (A Journey Thru the Space of Arts) Essays on the Cinema-2013

9. Nilakal (Shadows) Articles on Films – 2018.

As for me, I enjoy thoroughly almost all his nine books because the writer is very critical of the trends in the local cultural scene. His honesty is appreciated, although one may not readily accept his views or interpretation.

Coming to the book under review, we find excellent reviews of films he has seen in 1979 in the Yarl Cinema Circle showings in Yaalpaanam.

He has involved himself actively in the above circle and the film’s unit of the Yaalpaanam University. Bharaneetharan, editor of a promising literary journal called Jeevnathy invited and encouraged him to write for his magazine.

From the South in Lanka, Anoma Rajakaruna, the active promoter of film and the like, patronized Yesurasa as a resource person. Her Agenda 14 organized a Short Film Festival in Colombo in 2015. There were Sinhala and Thamil films were shown. In his first article, Yesurasa gives a vivid account of the festival. I came to know many things from his review of his Short Films.

Next, the author reviews of many unknown films to me like A Cruel Romance (Russian) by Elder Riazanov. A long essay that is illuminating.

Using the film script writing technique, he brilliantly analyzes a Czechoslovak film called Romeo, Juliet and Darkness

In the same way, he reviews Stoning of Soraya by Craze Nowrasteh,

La Terra Trema – Italian film by Luciano Visconti adapted from Geovanni Vega’s novel-Under the House by Melder Tree,

Party by Govind Nihalani,

A Generation by Andre Wadia,

Lemon Tree by Eran Riklis and finally

The Bridge by Barnhart Vici.

Scenes from the films in black and white are also an added use.

All the above films I haven’t seen yet. Thanks to Yesurasaa for making me visualize and enjoy the film. His film reviews are novel to film appreciation as he adapts the style of the scriptwriters methodically bringing out minute details and nuances in the film.


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