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Speaker, UNP’s cat’s paw: Minister Amaraweera

Parliament is now similar to the headquarters of the United National Party, said Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera.

He was addressing the gathering at the launch of ‘Apiwawali Apikanne’ programme at Padawgama in Lunugamwehera and Berelihela.

The minister said the ruling party arrived at a decision to boycott Parliament from last Friday due to the bias attitude of the Speaker.

The Speaker has become the cat’s paw of the United National Party. It was the first time in history that a Speaker entered Parliament by being escorted by police and acted in violation of Parliamentary norms.

He said they are now struggling to save Sri Lankans from being sold out to foreigners and to safeguard the democratic rights of the people.

The minister said the Speaker would soon have to face the music for his unconstitutional activities. The Speaker had acted against the interests of the President’s privileges and the prerogatives of the Executive to forge the country forward. He said none of the previous Speakers arbitrarily challenged the decisions of the Executive and that they did not have the same powers as the Executive as the present Speaker, the minister said.


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