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Mystery behind head of woman and torso

Father of deceased identifies victim DNA test pending:

Janaka Kumara of Deiyandara, Udagahagedera gave a statement to Morontuduwa Police, identifying the head of the woman found at the shrub jungle near Bolgoda Lake to be his 19-year-old daughter Ayesha Kalhari.

She was married to Krishan Madusanka and lived at Morontuduwa, Tharunaseva Mawatha in Morontuduwa. She was married for two years and had a child.

The statement said that there were constant arguments between the couple.

On November 26, his daughter had gone missing from home after a quarrel with her husband.

Earlier, she lived in Deiyandara with her husband and later lived at Morontuduwa.

Morontuduwa Police referred Janaka Kumara to Panadura Additional Judicial Medical Officer Dr. D. S. K. Karunanayaka to show him the remains of the woman lying at the Hospital Mortuary.

There, Kumara identified the head to be that of his daughter Kalhari.

The AJJMO is to conduct a DNA test and referred him to Morontuduwa Police who obtained the authority of the Kalutara Magistrate to conduct the test.

The torso of a woman was found floating at Kiribbanara Lake in Sevanagala on November 9. It was on the same day that Police recovered the head. Sevanagala, Bandaragama and Morontuduwa Police Stations are coordinating to conduct further investigations to trace the suspect or suspects involved the murder.


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