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LAUGFS Supermarkets launches ‘LAUGFS one’ customer loyalty card

Renowned as a trusted brand, LAUGFS Supermarkets recently launched a loyalty program in a bid to offer a myriad of benefits to its customers. “LAUGFS one” the new loyalty program was launched under the tagline “One Card – Infinite Benefits” to provide a series of discounts, value additions and a superior service to customers.

As part of the introductory offer LAUGFS one members will avail a series of exclusive discounts of up to 30% from selected LAUGFS subsidiaries. The selected subsidiaries include LAUGFS Gas, LAUGFS Car Care, LAUGFS Lubricants, Anantaya Resorts, Jade Restaurants and the Crimson Bakeries.

LAUGFS one cardholders are entitled to points for every purchase made at LAUGFS Supermarkets. A single point is equivalent to one rupee and customers can redeem points for purchases. The cardholders are even eligible for various in-store offers and special discounts exclusively from LAUGFS Supermarkets.

“As a pioneer in the local supermarket industry catering to over thousands of customers, launching the LAUGFS one loyalty card is one of the many initiatives LAUGFS Supermarkets has undertaken to reward the unwavering loyalty showcased by our customers. Together with the rapid expansion of our supermarket chain and revamping of our outlets, we have launched this loyalty card to reward our customers and further strengthen our positioning as a trusted brand. There are also plans in the pipeline to tie up with external merchants and offer a range of special rewards and discounts,” commented LAUGFS Supermarkets Chief Executive Officer Murad Rahimdeen.

“Over a period of 18 years LAUGFS Supermarkets has strengthened its name as a reliable neighbourhood store touching the lives of thousands of shoppers. Throughout the years we have built a loyal customer base and the LAUGFS one loyalty program was designed to provide them with a broad range of benefits for a more fulfilling shopping experience,” commented LAUGFS Supermarkets Senior Marketing Manager Peshala Wijewardana.

The revamped LAUGFS Super and LAUGFS SuperMart stores are designed to create a more refreshing experience while a soothing ambience enhances the overall shopping experience of customers. LAUGFS Supermarkets cater to customer daily essential needs with a broad range of fast moving consumer goods, fresh produce and its very own Crimson Bakery products. Pharmacy and utility bill payment facilities are also available to cater to a more diverse spectrum of customer needs. LAUGFS Supermarkets was the pioneer of the 24-hour supermarket retail concept in the country and introduced the concept of establishing convenience stores alongside fuel retail outlets in Sri Lanka. With top quality products, greater choice, competitive prices and a warm and friendly customer service, the Supermarkets continue to provide convenience and accessibility to suit customer lifestyles.


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