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Escape from police and attacked by a crocodile

A gambler who had attempt to swim over the kelani River to flee away from the police after a raid in the  Gambling Center , has lost a part of his leg after he was attacked by a Crocodile . 
According to the police sources, an illegal gambling center which situated in Gurugalla area in Avissawella was raided by a team of police officers attached to the Anti Crime Investigation Unit. However several gamblers those who were playing cards at the time of the raid had fled the Scene and the police were after them. 
One of the gambler had jumped in to the Kelani River from the Gurugalla New Bridge. While swimming across the river, he had being attacked by a crocodile and part of his leg was swallowed  by the Crocodile. It was also revealed that the gambler had yelled and plead after his leg was grabbed by the Crocodile, to set him free while thinking that his leg was grabbed by a police cop who had chased him few minutes ago.
The gambler was immediately admitted to the Government Hospital in Avissawella. The raid was done by the Officer in Charge of Seethawaka Divisional Crime Eradication Unit.


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