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Consummate professionals, magical instincts and pure skills that transcend

Rugby World Cup 2019 kicks off the world’s greatest impact tournament yet.

Japanese edition of the world’s most anticipated, watched and followed rugby event on the planet.

Admittedly the game is in such good condition and the future even brighter.

My deckchair sits comfy as the World Rugby player of the year steps up for his award...and with him a nation unites in absolute celebration, as only the Irish can.

Johnny Sexton adding another no. 10 to that holy grail of awards.

World Rugby have seen fly half centric with Dan Carter and Beuden Barrett sharing five of those.

Step up Sexton for the 6th fly half and massive pride to the Irish...

Firstly, to outclass NZ and also outshine Barrett - favourite again by miles.

Naturally the guineas will be cheered and plenty to sing about as Ireland run away with their greatest capture of World Rugby awards in their history.

Coach of the year Smchidt, player of the year Sexton, and what a grand Christmas for Ireland as team of the year.

Definitely an Irish season for giving the world some scintillating rugby Ireland’s achievement will take some beating....and what a mesmerizing World Cup it promises to be in Japan next summer.

Magical thoughts about facilities, atmosphere, Japanese rugby culture and club network... boasts of over 1000 playing clubs islandwide.

Little surprise then when talisman coach Eddie Jones inspired Japanese meteoric performance that constituted their arrival on world leader board.

When Japan outran South Africa to that most incredible victory.... the hallowed corridors of the world game ...echoed loudly as the faithful cheered and stood to herald the arrival of an Asian world power.

The game now had a new contender .... a giant leap for the global game.

Locally with the Dialog league cup 1st round ....the players have shown what it entails to play premier division in Sri Lanka.

Army simply stepped at Police Park to stun an unlucky CH...beaten in the last 5mins they were pipped by CR and Havelocks almost the same script.

Coach Ronnie will need to be sharper and skipper Yoshitha will be hungry for performance against defending champions Kandy this weekend.

Police missed a fabulous opportunity against Havelocks and encouraging for coaches Shamly and see the Police backs and forwards combining... also good to see a full ground at Police Park.

Easily the best running surface in club rugby and well complimented by the 50+ total.....

Havelocks need to tighten up, kick less and use their forward five a lot better.

Reza holding the ship together with his educated boot.

On that specific note ...quite remarkable the close results and last gasp finishing.....especially Ratwatte at CR, sharp accuracy with his kicking boots,

Samuel Maduwantha at CH carrying on his phenomenal form from the spot every time he has been trusted. He is a treat to watch under pressure and a great example to young hopefuls.

Similarly the Thilina full back attacking skills for Kandy that make him a force for the champions.

All in all only Havelocks, Kandy and Navy remain unbeaten...

CR despite doing almost everything right ...except their lineout calls, were well outclassed by Kandy in the last quarter of the game.

Kandy were full on, great work rate from Lemma Pathirana, Udangamuwa, Danush, Ranjan, and the lions at home.

I still maintain that Kandy will be beaten this year....but getting past them at home entirely diff story.

Colombo will test them...most significantly Havelocks, CH, Navy and CR.

Great hook for our resident experts to line up practical advice for Sean Wijesinghe and his Kandy management team.

At the current rate ...we may all be up for ER advise ...from the rapidly expanding experience of our experts...whose voracious reading skills must be hailed from the endangered mangrove tree tops.

In Dubai at the Sevens stadium, purpose built for the 7s world cup, New Zealand easily outran a phenomenal USA team rapidly announcing their arrival on the HSBC circuit.

Good to see Australia, England, South Africa, Fiji and Samoa right up there ...

Unfortunately for us in Sri the world series remains a distant dream and needs fresh thinking to change our 7s DNA ..not an impossible task for current top brass at Sri Rugby...chairman Lasitha, able vice chairman Nazeem Mohamed, Rizly Dida Iliyas, selection head Rohan Abeykoon...vast knowledge and Rohan Gunaratne as executive director.....plenty of impact lining up for our island game.

Again my prayer ....for us to be a force in Asian rugby... 7s is our fundamental DNA to get us there and beyond.

Bula bula our Sri dream and those who believe!


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