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IDB launches Optical emission Spectrometer in SL

Industrialists island-wide can benefit

A spectrometer is a scientific instrument used to separate and measure spectral components of a physical phenomenon. Spectrometer is a broad term often used to describe instruments that measure a continuous variable of a phenomenon.

The Optical Emission Spectrometer represents a new class of metal analyzers distinguished by improved analytical performance, greater investigative flexibility and simpler operation.

The group of components that is most important for analysis excitation, source, optics and read-out system, is optimally adapted to each other; it is the superior analytical core of the new generation of arc/ spark analyzer that combines, performance and flexibility.

This machine consists with special attachments to check thin sheets and small rods. This new analyzer allows the accurate analysis of all main components and trace elements in steel , iron, aluminum, copper and zinc at this movement.

The IDB has been pioneering organization on foundry for well over four decades. The plant was later upgraded under the assistance of the Japanese government to produce high quality castings made of gray cast iron and non ferrous materials such as aluminum and brass. It has helped to improve services for small and medium scale entrepreneurs through transforming modern casting technology and providing other facilities. As one of the pioneering institutions in the casting industry IDB has been offering industrial, especially as a supplier, a consultant and trainer.

Foundry services provided by the IDB.

TAILOR MADE TRAINING programs; sub contracting for specific casting; designing and pattern making for casting; advisory and consultancy on meta casting; help to develop process and product development for foundry related industries testing related to the foundry and metal industry.

Testing related with foundry and metal industry: for molding sand ; moisture test; permeability test; green compression test ; green hardness test; grain size distribution test; total clay content active clay test or metal: Hardness test ( HRC,Brindell, Shoe Hardness test; Tensile test and Elongation Test;Chemical content with 32 elements by using Optical emission ; Spectrometer; Micro structure test for metals. 


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