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Vehicle registration momentum down in November

Vehicle registration momentum across most categories came down in the month of November 2018 relative to October according to a survey from J. B. Securities.

This is attributed to the measures taken by the fiscal authorities (increase of duty on small cars to a minimum of Rs 1.25 million on 1 August) and margin requirements on car imports (100% margin from 19 Sep and 200% from 29 Sep.) have finally taken effect.

Total car registrations recorded 3,354 units in November down from 5,826 units in October but up from 2,400 units 12 months ago.

Brand new car registrations recorded 365 units in November down from 683 units in October and marginally up from 475 units 12 months ago. Financing share was 42.2% down from the normal monthly figure of 50-55% indicative of lesser credit financing these vehicles. Pre-owned car registrations recorded 2,989 units in November significantly down from 5,143 units in October) but up from 1,925 units 12 months ago. The monthly registration figure is the lowest number for the year.

Premium branded motor cars recorded 158 units in November down from 207 units in October. Brand new accounted for a mere 28 units. Notable premium cars in November were a Porsche Cayenne-S, 3 Jaguar XF/XE and a Mercedes Benz C Coupe.

SUV and crossover registrations accounted for 1,301 units in November down from 1,517 units in October but up from 576 units 12 months ago.

This segment is continuing to show buoyancy due to a strong performance from Crossovers vehicles with engines less than 1.5L comprise 94.5% of total volumes.

Electrical car registrations recorded 6 units in Nov down from 5 units in Oct and 5 units 12 months ago.

Hybrid vehicle registrations recorded 1,585 units in Nov significantly down from 2,917 units in Oct and 2,039 units 12 months ago. Motor cars accounted for 1,369 units followed by SUVs accounting for 215 units.

Van registrations recorded 451 units in Nov down from 713 units in Oct and 643 units 12 months ago while 3-wheelers recorded a low 1,314 registrations in Nov down from 1,932 units the previous month and 2,270 units 12 months ago.

2-wheelers registrations recorded 22,373 units in Nov down from 30,889 units in Oct and 28,334 12 months ago. Scooters accounted for 14,476 units with the balance 7,897 units being motor cycles.

Pickup truck registrations recorded 207 units in Nov up from 146 units the previous months and 175 units previously.

Bus registrations recorded 130 units in Nov down from 201 units in Oct and 381 units 12 months ago. 


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