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Dynamism birthed through attitude

Rippon Girls’ College, Galle

Head Girl of Rippon Girls’ College Galle, K. Asheni Nimeshika possesses a truly Cosmopolitan attitude. Perfect Prefects features Nimeshika who possesses the Dynamism to see that her solutions are properly implemented.

Unity in Diversity is a theme she believes in strongly. Though we have our differences we share similar goals and aspirations. We share a common identity and though we have different beliefs we need to be treated equally. At the end of the day, we are all human beings. Nimeshika is of course not the first to speak of a brave new world. A world of peace and a world where people not only respect each other but the natural environment they live in.

“Throughout human civilization, there have been great characters who have changed the world drastically with their unique qualities and innovative ideas. I firmly believe that if we can create self- disciplined individuals who respect and accept diversity in all cultures irrespective of language and geographies, the world will be a much better place for us to live in. I would like to contribute to building up such a peaceful dynamic world where everybody enjoys the equal benefits of global citizenship,” explained Nimeshika.

Natural environment

Humans do not live in the world alone. It is home to other species as well. We cannot live without the natural environment that sustains us. Our human species are utterly dominant to the point that we are the greatest threat to mother- nature. A study has revealed that humans form just 0.01% of all life, but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals. A study has also found out that humans have destroyed a tenth of Earth’s remaining wilderness in the last 25 years and that the temperature of the earth is rising at nearly twice the rate it was 50 years ago

“Among all the global issues, global warming and environmental pollution require immediate attention and it is imperative we do something about this before it is too late. This tortures my mind greatly as it gradually destroys all creatures, including humans. This problem requires an effective solution as soon as possible. It is my great hope to raise awareness amongst people about the repercussions of these issues and to bring an end to this crucial issue that affects the entire world,” pointed out Nimeshika.

Success has come to Nimeshika through her dedication and perseverance. Possessed of a strong mind she has never denied responsibility. Throughout her school life of 13 years, she has been known as a model student and has won the approval of her Principal and teachers.


“I believe that I have been successful in my school life. The secret behind my success is my perseverance. I never denied any work assigned to me in the school. I always tried to fulfil every assignment given to me to the best of my ability. For the past 13 years, I have shouldered numerous responsibilities given to me by my school. As a result, today I’m the Head Prefect of my school and give leadership to 3700 fellow students of my school,” said Nimeshika.

Nimeshika’s mother has been a tower of strength to her right throughout her life. She has been a huge influence on Nimeshika’s life. This is one reason Nimeshika herself has a strong mind. In her school itself, she has received advice and guidance from her teachers. Such strong inspiration has provided her with a solid foundation in life.

“She is the greatest strength behind me, and she is my role model. At the age of two, my father left this world. After that, my mother suffered a lot, all by herself, bringing up my two sisters and me. So the strength of my mother has been a great inspiration for me to come to this level today. Similarly, my second mother, I must mention my school Rippon Girls’ College. If I have achieved great success, it is because of my school. At school, the Madam Principal and the teachers are the driving force behind all my achievements. The master in charge of the Media Unit, Anura Abegunawardana is another remarkable teacher, who guided me to become a successful announcer,” added Nimeshika.

To become a responsible and productive citizen is her goal in life. She has a positive attitude that along with her ambition has yielded her positive results. The family also means a lot to her.

Holistic education

“My main goal is to succeed in life by getting a holistic education, so I can achieve the targets that I mentioned previously in this interview such as doing my part to conserve our natural environment. I want to be of service to my motherland and to the whole of mankind. I also wish to fulfil my obligations to my family members, who have sacrificed a lot on behalf of me. Another ambition of mine is to be an outstanding media personality in the country. I’m very fond of media. I learnt to perform a task successfully from the beginning to the end through the Media Unit. Rippon Girls’ College Media Unit is like a lamp that illuminated my life,” stated Nimeshika.

Leaders earn the respect of their followers through their actions. They lead by example. They are admired because of their courage and conviction.

“In terms of leadership, there are two types of people in the world - rulers and leaders. In my opinion, a leader is always better than a ruler. If someone wants to become a great leader, he or she must have good qualities like selflessness and the determination to overcome challenges and also the ability to make collective decisions,” said Nimeshika

Versatile and bold

A young lady who eagerly reads and enjoys books she feels that books have contributed to her having a personality that is very versatile and bold.

“I love reading books very much. I prefer to read books on psychology. If I find a psychological book, I read it in one go. These books have helped me to become a very confident person in life. So I really learn a lot from them,” pointed out Nimeshika.

Sometimes we ponder, will we be remembered throughout history and how will we be remembered through history? Gandhi is Nimeshika’s choice when it comes to a leader she admires. Gandhi is known for his morality and courage.

“I have a great deal of appreciation for the great personality that was Mahatma Gandhi who was the leader of the Indian Independence Movement against British rule. I like him because of his non – violent and unassuming lifestyle. His leadership is still valued throughout India. He will be remembered throughout history achieving immortality as he will always be respected and remembered by the whole world

If you want to be a successful leader first you must be honest with yourself. You should strive to become an exemplary character who is self- motivated and works for the betterment of others. You must respect others’ ideas and should be able to make decisions collaboratively. Then the world will accept your leadership,” explained Nimeshika. 


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