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Two youth arrested over insulting the police

The two persons arrested for posting photographs on the internet indicative of offering bribes to traffic police and posing with a traffic police dummy on the A9 Vavuniya Jaffna road on Tuesday had been later released, the Police Spokesman's Office said.

The two private finance company employees had posted the photos on the internet taken near a traffic police dummy on the A9 road holding out a cash note signifying the bribing of a traffic police officer. After investigating the matter the Vavuniya Police had arrested the two suspects.
The Traffic Police have positioned these dummies along the A9 road to warn drivers against speeding and to draw their attention to police presence on the road.

One of the two suspects had approached the dummy and had offered a bribe and made fun of the police in a derogatory manner, which was videoed by the other youth and posted the video on social media.
The Vavuniya Police had launched an investigation into the incident and having notified the senior police officials and arrested the person who was in the video and the other person who had recorded the video.

They were arrested on charges of insulting and ridiculing the police, painting a wrong picture of the police force and encouraging the public to bribe the police. The two suspects were produced before the Vavuniya Magistrate’s Court and later released.


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