Start the New Year looking better than you ever have before! Let the makeup perform its magic on you and watch all eyes turn your way. Put your best face forward this year by making the most of your makeup. Read on to spot the beauty trends sure to make it big in 2019.

Statement lips

Vivacious, statement lips are gaining momentum for 2019, and why not? A colourful pout is a quick, stylish way to amp up a bare-faced look with a pop of colour for the office or happy hour.

Embracing you grays

If you have been on the fence on growing out your gray hair, this just might be the year to commit, since natural, silver locks are trending for 2019.

Already rocking your grays? Keep your tresses healthy and shiny by using a sulfate-free shampoo.


While saying adios to another year can be bittersweet, charging into the new year with a fresh start is exciting. Debut a new you and a new hairdo in 2019 with cropped bangs. Super short fringe is trending for the New Year, and bangs look great on just about anyone.

Powder dipped nails

First week chipped nails are the worst! Enter powder dipped nails. Not only do they solve the problem of ruined polish, but they are also easy and pain-free to remove, and last longer than traditional gels.

Lash lift

People are giving their eyelashes a lift with natural solutions like castor oil, grapeseed oil, and aloe vera to draw attention to their peepers. Organic Castor Oil are great for eyelashes and eyebrows to help lengthen and strengthen them. Use Eyelash Tonic to condition and nourish lashes with olive oil and aloe vera.

Bold lips

2018 saw the minimal makeup movement seriously challenge the heavy Instagram look. For 2019 prepare to compromise and pair your barely there base with a bold lip, as 'standout lip colour.

Witch hazel

As skincare continues to eclipse our makeup routines, all organic products like ‘Witch Hazel' have become increasingly popular. Yes that old school, spot-fighting ingredient just got that much more popular.

Almond shaped nails

The final nail-themed trend is almond nails. This isn't a polish infused with almonds but instead the shape of the nail itself. Demonstrated by almost every female celebrity in the world, these talon-like manicures are wider at the bottom and get narrower as they reach the tip of the nail. Just like an almond.


Compiled by Ruwini Jayawardana



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