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Help her

An 11-year-old girl in Manajjawa, Hambantota, has been bedridden due to a neurological disorder, recently.

Her mother, Nirosha Sudarshani, is seeking assistance from anyone who could cure her, as well as financial assistance to look after her daughter, since her husband has also been bedridden due to another disorder.

The girl, Heshani Apsara, had become paralysed before she could enter school. “She could only attend pre-school,” Nirosha said, “It was around six years ago; she attended pre-school as an ordinary girl but was paralysed soon after. Now she is unable to speak.”

She said that her husband, Ranjith Rupasinghe, used to be a carpenter and has been bedridden for nearly eight months. Nirosha has another daughter, who is currently studying in Grade 10.

Nirosha said that she had so far been cultivating mushrooms at home to make a living. She added that it was insufficient to obtain medicine for her husband and daughter, as well as for the education of her elder daughter.

She said the government had provided Rs.3,000 for the child; yet it was not nearly enough. She seeks assistance from anyone who wishes to help her. Her contact Number is: 076 657 2705.

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