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Meagre facilities at Karapitiya hospital for heart patients

Heart patients attending clinics at the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital said consultants and pharmacists are not adequate there.

Patients said on the clinic day over 1,000 patients arrive at the hospital. They said there are only two consultants in the hospital.

They added that kidney and diabetes patients, and those with neurological disorders too attend clinics on the same day.

Yet, there are only two persons to issue prescribed medicine although there are 12 counters while counters are closed during the lunch hour.

Patients have to come early to queue and get a number. Most patients come on the previous day and stay in a rented room. Some stay in temples while others stay in the bus stand to queue around 4 am in front of the hospital gate until it opens at 5 am. After taking a number, they join the queue to see the doctor. Finally, after visiting the doctor they have to queue again to take the medicine.

Heart patients are facing inconveniences in such a situation and they request authorities to attend to their grievances.


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