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‘Independence of Police led to reduction of crime’

The police force has been able to resolve and prevent many crimes due to their ability to function independently without political interference, Public Administration and Disaster Management Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara said.

The government has given the police freedom to carry out their duties, safeguarding the democratic freedom and rights of the people, he said.

He was addressing a media briefing at the Public Administration Ministry.

He said, “Due to the freedom given to the police, judiciary and state service over the past four years under the government, good governance has been established in the country. On January 8, 2015, we pledged to grant independence to the public service sector. Prior to 2015, with the 18th Amendment, the independence of the public service sector was compromised and the country headed towards dictatorship. We established 11 commissions and one of them was the Police Commission which has allowed police personnel to engage in their duties peacefully.”

He said by 2013, there were 55,349 grave crimes that were reported, while 59 percent of them (32,791) had been resolved. However, since 2015, the crime rate had reduced systematically with 40,188 grave crimes being reported in 2015 and 23,575 of them been resolved, 36,937 grave were crimes reported in 2016 and of them 26,869 were resolved and 35,978 cases of crimes were reported in 2017 and of them 28,015 were resolved. During the first seven months in 2018, 20,826 grave crimes were reported while 14,272 of them were resolved.

He said murders which stood at 586 in 2013 had gradually reduced to 502 in 2016, in 2017 there were 452 murders and by 2018, the number of murders had reduced to 282. Similarly, the number of rape cases which stood at 2,033 in 2015, had reduced to 1,996 in 2016, 1,732 by 2017 and 992 by 2018. The number of robberies which stood at 4,017 in 2015 had reduced to 3,455 in 2016 and further reduced to 3,366 by 2017 and 1,779 by 2018. The shooting incidents too had reduced significantly where 51 shooting incidents were reported in 2015, which reduced to 28 by 2018, due to effective law enforcement, Minister Madduma Bandara said.

He said despite much hype about drugs, the government has taken strict action to curb the drug menace.

“During the previous government, many politicians were involved with these drug dealers. But today, there is no one in the government who is involved with such drug dealers. In 2011, only 31kg of heroin was seized. In 2012, 30kg, in 2014, 181kg, in 2016, 196kg, in 2017, 278kg and during the first seven months in 2018, the police seized 174kg of heroin. Due to the action taken by the government, we have been able to arrest many of these drug dealers. This is not something that had been done overnight, but it is a result of the independence given to the police to carry out their duties. Similarly, the arrest of cocaine and cannabis smugglers had also increased. The operation to arrest the underworld kingpin Makandure Madush was the result of an operation spanning over a year. These operations should not stop here and must continue,” he added.

Meanwhile, commenting on the strike action launched by the Public Management Assistants yesterday, he said their action was unfair given the fact that of the 12 demands put forward by them, the government had resolved 11 of them.

“During the previous regime, they were not even given the opportunity to present their issues. We have granted 11 of their demands but we cannot grant only one demand which is unreasonable. They want to be put on the same scale as the graduate grades. If we do this, it will create serious salary anomalies in the state administrative service and lead to greater issues.”

However, he said no other government has done more for the state administrative service employees as this government and at the end of the government’s term of office, the state sector employees’ salaries would have almost doubled due to the increments and allowances given to them by the government.


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